Catalog of Books

Judaism In A Nutshell Series
A complete guide to the themes, practices, and traditions of Passover.
The reality of God as examined through philosophy, history, and the  Kabbalah.
Learn how the State of Israel arose, its history and why it is so central to Judaism.
A broad exploration of the major holidays deeper spiritual meaning.
The Survival Kit Series
Rediscover the seder's lively inner life as a source for personal growth.
  Rosh Hashanah Yom Kippur
An easy-to-use guide for the High Holiday Services
  Family Haggadah
Clear explanations woven into the standard text along with Q & A style commentary.
Survival Kit Companions
  Chanukah - 8 Nights of Light, 8 Gifts for the Soul
Examine the history, themes, traditions, and prayers of Chanukah.
  One Hour Purim Primer
A step-by-step guide to celebrating Purim with insights that reveal how the holiday speaks to the heart
Clueless but Curious Series
  The Bible For The Clueless But Curious
The Bible's wisdom presented  in a fun and unique format.
  Kosher For The Clueless But Curious
A fun, fact-filled and spiritual guide to all things kosher.
Cheat Sheets
  High Holiday Cheat Sheets
A pamphlet that's jam-packed with fun and practical information to help you have the most meaninful High Holidays ever!  
  My Hanukkah Cheat Sheets
This Hanukkah, give the gift of Jewish knowledge and humor.
  My Purim Cheat Sheets
This pamphlet is jam-packed (and not just because it includes a recipe for jam-filled hamentashen!) with useful, fun, and practical information about the holiday of Purim.
Other Available Books
  Remember My Soul
Provides a comforting voice for those who have suffered a loss.
  Death Of Cupid
Speaks equally to singles searching for love and couples searching to deepen theirs.
  Missiles, Masks And Miracles
Chilling accounts of the attacks on Israel during the Gulf War and the miracles that ensued.  
  The Jewish Hero Corps
This comic book tells the story of the world's only Jewish Super-Hero team as they go on a worldwide race against ti$  

by Shimon Apisdor

No longer available




The purpose of the Passover Survival Kit is to make this holiday, and the Seder in particular, an experience which is thoroughly relevant to some of the most important issues in your life. This book will serve as a friendly gateway through which you will enter the world of Passover and see it as you have never seen it before. Like inanimate objects magically brought to life by Disney, the Survival Kit will introduce you to the fixtures of Passover while revealing that each possesses a lively inner life that is just waiting to speak with you. Once inside this new dimension, you will discover that the observances, customs, mitzvot (commandments), prayers and the Haggadah itself have all exchanged their drab ritualistic personas for the casual attire of an old friend. Having stopped by for a late night cup of coffee you will end up spending hours talking about matters which are deeply important to you. The thoughtful moments slip by and suddenly it is time to part. A smile of fulfilled contentment tinged with sadness flutters across your lips as you say goodnight. You vow to speak again soon.Such is the potential of a thoughtful Seder experience. Here are a few suggestions that will help you get the most out of this book, and this holiday.

 I. Before the Seder: Jewish law designates the thirty days prior to Passover as a preparatory period for the upcoming holiday.

  1. A. Set aside ten minutes a day during the month before Passover to read through the Survival Kit.
  2. Read chapter 6 (The Passover Puzzle), and think about one idea which you will want to focus on at each point in the Seder. Jot this idea down at the appropriate place in your Haggadah to serve as a reminder at the Seder.
  3. On you own, or with your family, read the Haggadah section of this book. This will give everyone a sense of the potential inherent in the experience you are about to share. When doing this, you may want to have other Haggadahs on hand which contain commentary and explanations. These resources will help answer questions which may arise that are not addressed by the Survival Kit.

 II. During the Seder:

  1. Before you carry out any of the observances at the Seder, i.e., drinking wine or eating matzah, take a moment to read about the meaning of that action.
    1.a)  Always ask yourself: What is the meaning of the action I am now performing, and how does it relate to my life?
    1.b) When contemplating the meaning of your actions, ask: if this is what Passover is about, what does that tell me about Judaism?
  2. Don't be afraid of being a straggler. If there is a portion of the Seder which touches you, which speaks to you with particular relevance, then stay there for a while. Mull the thoughts over in your mind, and give them a moment to sink in. You will always be able to catch up, and if you see you may have to start eating a few  minutes after everyone else, that¹s okay -  just politely ask that they save you some brisket.
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