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Judaism In A Nutshell Series
A complete guide to the themes, practices, and traditions of Passover.
The reality of God as examined through philosophy, history, and the  Kabbalah.
Learn how the State of Israel arose, its history and why it is so central to Judaism.
A broad exploration of the major holidays deeper spiritual meaning.
The Survival Kit Series
Rediscover the seder's lively inner life as a source for personal growth.
  Rosh Hashanah Yom Kippur
An easy-to-use guide for the High Holiday Services
  Family Haggadah
Clear explanations woven into the standard text along with Q & A style commentary.
Survival Kit Companions
  Chanukah - 8 Nights of Light, 8 Gifts for the Soul
Examine the history, themes, traditions, and prayers of Chanukah.
  One Hour Purim Primer
A step-by-step guide to celebrating Purim with insights that reveal how the holiday speaks to the heart
Clueless but Curious Series
  The Bible For The Clueless But Curious
The Bible's wisdom presented  in a fun and unique format.
  Kosher For The Clueless But Curious
A fun, fact-filled and spiritual guide to all things kosher.
Cheat Sheets
  High Holiday Cheat Sheets
A pamphlet that's jam-packed with fun and practical information to help you have the most meaninful High Holidays ever!  
  My Hanukkah Cheat Sheets
This Hanukkah, give the gift of Jewish knowledge and humor.
  My Purim Cheat Sheets
This pamphlet is jam-packed (and not just because it includes a recipe for jam-filled hamentashen!) with useful, fun, and practical information about the holiday of Purim.
Other Available Books
  Remember My Soul
Provides a comforting voice for those who have suffered a loss.
  Death Of Cupid
Speaks equally to singles searching for love and couples searching to deepen theirs.
  Missiles, Masks And Miracles
Chilling accounts of the attacks on Israel during the Gulf War and the miracles that ensued.  
  The Jewish Hero Corps
This comic book tells the story of the world's only Jewish Super-Hero team as they go on a worldwide race against ti$  

by Shimon Apisdorf

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Take Me Out to the Seder, Take Me Out to the Game

My wife and I go with our children to baseball games, I went with my father to baseball games, and my father went with his father to baseball games, but that's as far back as the chain stretches. On the other hand, every year my wife and I have a Passover seder with our children, we had a seder with our parents, our parents had a seder with their parents, their parents had a seder with their parents, and on and on and on.

The Passover experience is a living chain that stretches waaay back�back before the days of Sandy Koufax, Ty Cobb, and Abner Doubleday (the inventor of baseball), before Benjamin Franklin, Napoleon Bonaparte, Ferdinand and Isabella, Richard the Lion Hearted, Saladin, Mohammed, Paul, Julius Caesar, Plato, Confucius, Buddha, Homer, and just about anyone else you can think of.

Now, to be perfectly honest, many people have a problem with Passover. In fact, their problem with Passover is indicative of a problem that lots of people have with Judaism in general. People think that since Judaism stretches so waaay back it must also be waaay out of touch with the real world they live in.

Well, I'm here to tell you that Passover, and Judaism, are actually much more in touch than most people realize. The truth is, I grew up thinking that Passover was little more than a bunch of musty old rituals that for some reason you had to do every year with your family, whether you liked it or not. And that's basically what I thought about Judaism, too.

Don't get me wrong�I was always proud to be a Jew. I always felt a special connection when I was with other Jews. But when it came to the religious stuff, well, it was just so old. Quaint, perhaps, but very, very old, and therefore it seemed very, very outdated. Judaism may have been warm and fuzzy in that cultural roots sort of way, but it was clearly waaay irrelevant to real life.

My Life Story, at Least so Far

At this point, what you know about me is that I like baseball, I grew up not knowing what to make of Judaism, I'm now married with kids, we have a family seder every Passover, and I'm the author of the book you are holding. Frankly, if you want more details�especially the embarrassing ones�you'll just have to ask my wife. For now, the only other thing I'm going to reveal is that I am thoroughly in love with Passover. To me, Passover has become an absolute highlight of the year�kind of like the World Series, only bigger. And now you know one more thing. You know why I wrote this book. This book is for people who think that at best Passover is a cozy, cultural family get-together, and at worst is so waaay out of touch that it doesn't matter if we lose touch altogether.

I wrote this book, as well as The Survival Kit Family Haggadah, because over the years I have found Passover to be astonishingly in touch with so many of life's most important issues. At one time or another (usually with a close friend or someone we love very much), we all find ourselves pondering the great issues of life. Issues like: meaning, purpose, spirituality, goals, dreams, freedom, family and love�the real issues of life. This may sound almost unbelievable, but Passover addresses a lot of those issues, and it has some fantastic things to say about them.

Few of the ideas contained in this book are novel. They are a bit of what I have discovered so far, refracted through the lens of this baseball-loving American Jew's attempt to live a thoughtful and spiritually vibrant life. It is my deepest hope that through these pages you, too, will discover that there just may be far more to Passover, and to life, than you ever imagined. By the way, if you happen to be in Baltimore this spring, consider yourself invited to our seder. And who knows, maybe we'll even go to a ball game together.


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