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  Remember My Soul
Provides a comforting voice for those who have suffered a loss.
  Death Of Cupid
Speaks equally to singles searching for love and couples searching to deepen theirs.
  Missiles, Masks And Miracles
Chilling accounts of the attacks on Israel during the Gulf War and the miracles that ensued.  
  The Jewish Hero Corps
This comic book tells the story of the world's only Jewish Super-Hero team as they go on a worldwide race against ti$  

by Nachum Braverman

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  Excerpt from THE DEATH OF CUPID

The Death of Cupid: Long Live Love

If ever there were a symbol for true love, the symbol would be Cupid. And just who is this Cupid? Is he an angel? A devil in disguise? Certainly he is adorable as only a baby can be. Plump, squeezable, charming and wonderfully innocent-except for that bow and arrow in his hands.

But don't let that baby face fool you. Behind Cupid's comely eyes lies all the formidable power one would expect from a veritable god, which is
exactly what Cupid is. Cupid is none other than the son of Mercury, god of commerce, and Venus, goddess of love. Cupid himself is the god of love.

Cupid is a playful god who likes to scamper about shooting tender golden-tipped arrows. His arrows gracefully fly through the air carrying
with them the promise of eternal happiness. Once struck, the objects of Cupid's aim are overcome by a desire so passionate, and a love so fiery, that they can never be extinguished. No one in the world could be more fortunate than two people shot through the heart with Cupid's arrow. The
bliss that awaits those who have been so blessed by the god of love is beyond what anyone could ever dream of.

And what does the future hold for this love struck couple? Certainly there will be long periods of staring dreamily into one another's eyes. They will be surrounded by an almost mystical aura-a glow-whenever they are together. They will be the best of friends and the best of lovers.
They will always be supportive and draw hope, courage and inspiration from one another. Their shared existence will be, in a word, perfect: endlessly fulfilling, impassioned and happy beyond belief.

Alas, perfection is an illusion, and Cupid is a myth (and a very stubborn myth at that). The ancient gods have long been relegated to the dustbins of history, yet this vision of idyllic love is something that many secretly-and not so secretly-still search for. There is a part of our culture's psyche that refuses to let go of the mythical vision of love that Cupid symbolizes. So we continue to honor it-in film, art and music; on greeting cards; and in hundreds of romance novels that sell millions of copies every year. So the myth goes on. At one time or another we have all dreamt of being a victim of Cupid's arrow, but that's a problem-because as we know, there is no Cupid and there are no potion-tipped enchanted arrows.

But if there is no Cupid, what is there? There is still the very real power of love, even without Cupid; there is the possibility for a deeply fulfilling married life; for a life filled with passion and intimacy. And in real life, these can be achieved if only we would finally put Cupid to rest.

The truth is that Cupid should be seen as Public Enemy Number One. Rather than embracing him, it's time we turned on him. Love, dating,
marriage, romance and intimacy are vital parts of real people's lives in the real world. To stand a chance of experiencing all we want in life, we
need to exorcise our myths and fantasies and replace them with real-world wisdom-wisdom that refuses to deny the heart its dreams and
brings the real and the ideal together-which is what this book is all about.

The Death of Cupid is about reclaiming some of life's most essential wisdom. It's about how a light from the past can illuminate our present and our future.

The wisdom this book seeks to reclaim and share flows from ancient Jewish texts and perspectives on many of life's core issues-and these
are timeless. The issues we will discuss include pain and pleasure, fulfillment and emptiness, the need for introspection, life goals and the forging of character. Of course they also include love, dating, physical intimacy, romance and marriage.

The Power of Definitions

"The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms."
---- Socrates

Each of the four sections in The Death of Cupid begins with a definition, because sound, workable definitions are essential to grasping and applying wisdom to our daily lives. Let's look at friendship as an example. If two people have different definitions of friendship and both consider the other to be a friend, then what will likely transpire is a
confusing and frustrating experience. Each will bring a different set of expectations and assumptions to the relationship, each will invest different amounts of emotional energy into the relationship and each will be caught off guard when reciprocity seems to be out of kilter. The result will be a friendship gone bitter, and the cause will have been different views of what a friendship was supposed to be all about in the first place.

As you travel through the pages of Cupid, you will encounter radical definitions of love, dating, marriage, romance and even sex. These definitions will challenge you to rethink some of your most basic assumptions and will reveal new paths for achieving dimensions of love, commitment, closeness, passion and intimacy that you thought
might only be the stuff of dreams.

Wisdom: The Eye of the Storm

We are keenly aware that life today is vastly different from what it was just forty years ago. The decades and eras of history are like successive seasons of hurricanes: each brings unpredictable winds that thrash violently about. Each has its own identity, and each leaves its own legacy. Yet to each storm there is a calm and tranquil eye. Even amidst the unceasing winds of change, there is an ageless core. This core is wisdom, a constant and calming presence.

We live in the midst of an unusually violent storm. Marriage and much that goes with it - love, dating, parenting, sexuality, romance and commitment-are no longer what they once were. We are often bewildered. We feel disoriented and stagger about like survivors searching for familiar shards to link us to a more familiar time.

The storm in America looks like this. Half of all marriages today end in divorce.! Of those that do endure, how many are truly happy?

The storm continues. Most people who get divorced look to marry again. And of those who remarry, most end up divorced again. Every year a million kids experience divorce. Yet, despite the trends, people try to remain hopeful. They still date and seek out love and romance, marriage, family, stability and happiness. They hope that somehow they will be different.

This then is the place for wisdom-here, amidst a raging storm born of heartless statistics. Wisdom is hopeful because it has weathered
many a storm, optimistic because it has seen great joy and even buoyant because it knows that there is life beyond endurance and that there can even be happiness. In The Death of Cupid we will be sharing insights that will bolster your hopes for love and help you build a reality out of your dreams.

This book comes with no promises or guarantees (unlike Cupid's arrow) because in life, as we know, there are no guarantees. In life there are
three ingredients for success: wisdom, effort and prayer. In The Death of Cupid we will share some of the essential wisdom necessary to understand, find and achieve a loving, happy, passionate and fulfilling marriage. It's up to you to provide the effort, which will need to be considerable. As for the prayer, you may as well begin now, and hope-
fully your prayers will soon be answered.

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