Catalog of Books

Judaism In A Nutshell Series
A complete guide to the themes, practices, and traditions of Passover.
The reality of God as examined through philosophy, history, and the  Kabbalah.
Learn how the State of Israel arose, its history and why it is so central to Judaism.
A broad exploration of the major holidays deeper spiritual meaning.
The Survival Kit Series
Rediscover the seder's lively inner life as a source for personal growth.
  Rosh Hashanah Yom Kippur
An easy-to-use guide for the High Holiday Services
  Family Haggadah
Clear explanations woven into the standard text along with Q & A style commentary.
Survival Kit Companions
  Chanukah - 8 Nights of Light, 8 Gifts for the Soul
Examine the history, themes, traditions, and prayers of Chanukah.
  One Hour Purim Primer
A step-by-step guide to celebrating Purim with insights that reveal how the holiday speaks to the heart
Clueless but Curious Series
  The Bible For The Clueless But Curious
The Bible's wisdom presented  in a fun and unique format.
  Kosher For The Clueless But Curious
A fun, fact-filled and spiritual guide to all things kosher.
Cheat Sheets
  High Holiday Cheat Sheets
A pamphlet that's jam-packed with fun and practical information to help you have the most meaninful High Holidays ever!  
  My Hanukkah Cheat Sheets
This Hanukkah, give the gift of Jewish knowledge and humor.
  My Purim Cheat Sheets
This pamphlet is jam-packed (and not just because it includes a recipe for jam-filled hamentashen!) with useful, fun, and practical information about the holiday of Purim.
Other Available Books
  Remember My Soul
Provides a comforting voice for those who have suffered a loss.
  Death Of Cupid
Speaks equally to singles searching for love and couples searching to deepen theirs.
  Missiles, Masks And Miracles
Chilling accounts of the attacks on Israel during the Gulf War and the miracles that ensued.  
  The Jewish Hero Corps
This comic book tells the story of the world's only Jewish Super-Hero team as they go on a worldwide race against ti$  

by Nachum Braverman

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  Praise For The Author, Nachum Braverman
Lou Rudolph,  
ABC Executive Producer of Roots and Rich Man, Poor Man
"Nachum Braverman has presented his Love, Dating and Marriage seminar to over 10,000 people in California and across the country, and his weekly classes on the Bible to thousands of students for the past 15 years. This book now makes his unique approach available to an even wider audience. Studying with Nachum is an exhilarating, challenging, provocative, intriguing, compelling, transforming experience. I’m exhausted just thinking about it."

Charles E. Hurwitz,
Chairman, President & CEO MAXXAM Inc.
"Nachum radiates an enthusiasm to share his knowledge and to promote an introspective thought process. He is truly a brilliant teacher."

J. Morton Davis,  
Chairman of the Board D.H. Blair Investment Banking Corp.
“Nachum takes traditional Jewish wisdom and makes it come alive. I wish his insights and intellectual energy could be packaged and delivered to each and every human being."

Cathy Chessler,  
PR & Marketing Consultant
"If anyone can teach you how to uncover the meaning you want in life, it’s Nachum Braverman. He is not only a wonderful teacher, he genuinely cares about his students"

David Wilstein,  
Past General Chairman, United Jewish Fund of Los Angeles and President, Realtech Leasing and Management
"Nachum Braverman is one of the most provocative and inspiring teachers in the Jewish world today."


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